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Ciceris, our processing and storing plant

Cayfe Export

Cayfe Export

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We have our own pulses processing plant. It is located in an strategic point of our area because it is close to national transportation routes.

The plant is equipped with modern machines like pre-cleaning machine, full-color colorimetric, calibrator, densimetric table, electronic packaging.

In our structure we count with a shed divided in two sections, one where you can find the process route and the other one where we stock up the finished product. We also have our own laboratory where we count with the necessary equipment to analyze, control and follow the traceability of our grains. Our team works with quality protocols and procedure manual.

We work with our own infrastructure and logistics, it allows us to adapt our business to the market's dynamics and requests and to introduce and excellent use of new technologies. It also benefits us to have a global perspective to control our grains since we gather the harvest until we ship it
through the Argentinian port system.


The added value of our company is our presence in all the route of the grain.  We can guarantee strict quality control and commitment with our client’s necessities.

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