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Our story

This story starts in the year 1999 when for a special family situation, Federico Cadamuro starts focus his attention to a familiar project of agriculture and stockbreeding.

Motivated by others agricultural producers of his town, he started to participate in a group of producers called CREA. His idea was start to work on his own project of agriculture. After some years, his participation in this group helped him to improve his way of organization and planning. At the same time, it favored to his training and experience working in teams. He developed many qualities for what he will always be pretty grateful with CREA.


After a long way of challenges and training, in 2004 Federico become established as agriculture producer with his company AGROCAYFE. It’s a model company in our area because of its levels of innovation, trust relationship with its suppliers and favorable result of quality for its clients.

Years after, Federico, because of his spirit of achievement, starts to think in a new project. It’s about a grain storing and processing plant. This idea leads him to search information and look for advises about demand and features that it kind of business needs. Always with a positive attitude, in 2015, the entrepreneur bought a land where in 2018 starts working CAYFE EXPORT.

Very challenging were the progress stages of this business, but Cadamuro was always convinced about his wish of create a trust company with a multidisciplinary perspective and new technologies. Then, today CAYFE EXPORT is able to offer to the international market, certificated, sustainable and good quality products.



Produce and export excellent quality grains with a global point of view of the market trends and innovation.



Be a quality model company. Involucrate new technologies, develop sustainable grain production for our future generation.

Equipo de trabajo




Commitment to quality


Commitment to environmental social

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