Agrocayfe is a Cayfe Export's business unit. It represents the sow, the harvest and the good agricultural practices in our lands. 

The integration between Agrocayfe and Cayfe Export allows us to demostrate to our clients we are committed to international quality rules. 

We are part of the production, processing and sell of our grains. We know them before they are planted and we can guarantee their value and quality.

It significantly increases the productivity and quality of the crops. Also it reduces the agriculture's negative impacts, both environmental and economic.

It allows us to work with perspectives towards greater sustainability.

 It allows us to provide stability to the business in levels of quality and performance. 

- Good plot management

- QA

- Grain's care in the harvest

- Traceability

- Production circuit control 

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Ruta Nacional 9 Km. 758,3 Sinsacate, Córdoba, Argentina

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